The Manila Foodshoppe



  • Osmeña Boulevard, Capitol Site , Cebu City
  • Cuisine:

  • Filipino
  • Phone Number:

  • 255-5505 or
  • click here
  • Business Hours:

  • 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Branches:

  • ALF 1 -25-26 Parkmall, 168 Ouano Avenue North Reclamation Area, Tipolo
    345-5505, 516-5808
  • Manalili St., Santo Niño - 255-8635


  • Cebu Restaurants
  • Cebu Restaurants
  • Cebu Restaurants


Cebu Restaurants

Lechon Baboy

Cebu's lechon is dubbed to be the most succulent as it does not need any type of sauce just to enhance its flavor.

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Cebu Restaurants


Pochero is the Cebuano's version of the Manileño Bulalo. Although they are dubbed to be similar, Pochero includes...

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I have been into many hotels all over the world. Among all others fine dining in Cebu is my favorite. The main dining experience by the beach at night enchanted me at first so I decided to tag along my friends on my seco...

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